Active Arrest Warrants – Check For Arrest Warrants?

Check for arrest warrants and stay out of trouble

Think about what could happen if you have an arrest warrant and you ignore it? What if you get stopped for a routine auto check by the cops who are then likely to check for any warrants you might have. If you have a warrant outstanding then you will get arrested right there.

You might not hear anything about your arrest warrant for a very long time. It will depend on how serious the offence was and how badly the police want to arrest people your area. They will come for you eventually and you will find an officer standing on your doorstep early one morning.

Neither of these situations are great. In both situations the police had to track you down to arrested you. Voluntarily turning yourself in to the police avoids getting arrested and it shows that you have taken a responsible attitude towards the warrant. Get a lawyer first and give yourself up the right way.

DO you even know that you have a warrant?

If you know that you’ve done something wrong or forgot to turn up in court, or you’ve offended in some other way then you can guess that you do have an outstanding arrest warrant. But just think, what if you didn’t ever receive that speeding ticket or you didn’t know about the court appearance. Even worse, you might be a victim of identity theft and someone else has committed a crime for you. In this case you will not have any idea that there is a warrant out for you unless you make a point of checking for yourself.

If you find your warrants first then you can avoid getting arrested

Simple things that you can do to check for active arrest warrants

  1. Stick your head in the sand until the police come looking.
  2. Ask a police officer if you have a warrant.
  3. Ask at the courthouse.
  4. Use a public records investigation database.

Stick your head in the sand

You can be like everyone else and just ignore the possibility that you may have warrants and wait for the embarrassing visit from the police followed by spending time in jail.

Ask an police officer if you have a warrant

Asking a cop is one of the surest ways of finding out if you have a warrant. It’s the surest way of getting yourself arrested too. If you have got an outstanding warrant then the officer won’t be able to stop himself arresting you. If you go this route then take an overnight bag with you just in case.

Ask at the courthouse.

If you know where your warrant was issued then asking at the appropriate courthouse is a good way to find your warrants. If you have remembered that you’ve missed a court appearance or have some unpaid fines or something then it shouldn’t be too difficult to find out where the correct records office is located. This can sometimes be a good way to locate your warrants and you are not as likely to get arrested this way either.

Using public records databases to do background searches for arrest warrants

Public records investigative web sites keep massive databases of background information on everyone of us. The information in these databases can all be found elsewhere but you have to know where to look for it. The best public records web sites have been constructed over many years and are being added to every day. There are literally billions of database records available and waiting for you to access. Arrest warrants are just one of the many information groups that you can access.

You can search for your outstanding arrest warrants with a public records web site in a mere matter of seconds and you can also search in every state not just the one you think the active warrants might be in. Checking for active arrest warrants in a public records web site has to be your first choice to search for what you need to know.

Author: Steve Gee

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