Absolutely Free Background Checks | How To Have Fun Doing Background Checks On People

Public records web site offers unlimited background and arrest records checks

When you sign up for a public records membership web site offering unlimited absolutely free background checks for members you can have a lot of fun finding free information on people. I’ve just tried it. I just wanted to find an old friend but I’ve managed to get an amazing amount of information on a lot of other people including friends, neighbors, hired help and some of my dates too. I’m having great fun and I think that you should try it.

Most of the web sites that allow you to search free public records charge you for each and every search that you perform. When I went looking for my old friend that I hadn’t seen in years I knew that I was most likely going to have to do a lot of searches before I found him. He has a common name and I wasn’t sure which state he’s living in. I knew that a nationwide search would give me a lot of people to choose from so I was probably going to get it wrong a few times.

How to avoid mounting costs when investigating people

You could go to one of the many web sites that offer background checks for a one time payment but most, if not all of these sites require you to pay for each search that you do. This might be ok if you know what you are looking for and find it fast. But the real fun starts when you start looking up relatives and neighbors and their relatives and neighbors. You will probably want to do criminal records and arrest warrants searches on them too not to mention all the other public records searches you can potentially do. If you have to pay for each and every useful search you do then it’s no fun at all.

Joining a site offering free background searches can be very cost effective

The best way to have fun with information on the Internet is to join a public records membership site that offers unlimited free public records searches. I found one that is very affordable and it turned out to be great value for money. Using this web site you can do as much investigating on as many people as you want and you can do it whenever you want to. It’s like having your own free person finder and public records database at your command any time you want.

How to find old friends

I found an investigations web site that offers unlimited absolutely free background checks and other free searches, such as arrest records, to it’s members. All you pay is a small monthly subscription and you can do as many free people information searches as you want to. It’s perfect for my needs and I intend to keep my membership for a long time. It makes it so much fun to do background checks on people I wouldn’t want to be without it now.

The first thing I did was enter the name of my old friend into the people finder and background search utilities. As I suspected, I had to do more than one search before I found the right person. I found that using the correct name helps too. I had no luck with first name of Joe but Joseph worked a lot better. By examining the listings of several possible people I eventually found my man. In fact I found out a lot about him including an address, names of relatives and neighbors, a link to a google map and a telephone number. It was the telephone number that gave me the final confirmation because I was able to give him a call and talk to him.

You don’t have to stop if all your background searches are free

I did a lot of searches but it didn’t take long and it was great that I actually was able to find my friend. I hadn’t seen him for years. But that’s not all I found – I decided to look up some of his relatives that I remembered him talking about and even his neighbors who were listed in the background check. I bet I know more about his neighbors than he does now.

I didn’t stop there though and you don’t have to either. You can look up other people that you’ve lost touch with. Check out your neighbors and your latest date. I looked up lots of people and I was hooked. I must have done a hundred free background searches and it didn’t cost me any extra money.

Now you can make a point of checking out every one of your dates before you go out with them. Do background checks on anyone that you hire to work on your house or look after your children or anyone that moves into your neighborhood.

Author: Steve Gee

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