Look Up Criminal Records And Understand Them

Criminal records and what you can look up online

Do you want to know how to look up someone’s criminal record? You might be suspicious about a friends behaviour or you might know that they haven’t always been on the right side of the law and you want to find out exactly what they have done. You might have a new date and you want to do a quick background check to find out more about the person. These are just some of the reasons that you might want to look up criminal records but do you know what all the different types of offences mean?

Doing background checks on someone to look up such things as criminal records, email addresses, marriage records,arrest records and much more has never been as easy as it is today. In just a few short years the Internet has turned near impossible tasks into astonishingly simple and quick jobs that can be a pleasure to undertake. In the USA, looking up criminal records and other background information has been made very easy and affordable for you by public records Investigations web sites. You can literally background check everyone you know.

So what types of criminal records might you find and what do they all mean? There are quite a few different categories and it is important that you understand what they all mean.


Offences that are considered to be the least serious are called misdemeanors. They include such things as shoplifting, Driving under the influence of alcohol, traffic offenses and other small crimes. Unless the offender has prior criminal record these offences are not likely to result in any custodial sentence. Misdemeanors may not show on all searches and some states do not consider it to be part of your criminal record.


A felony can be any crime that is more serious than a misdemeanor. Anything from drug possession to rape and murder. If you see an offence described simply as “Felony” on someone’s criminal record then you should try to find out exactly what felony crime it refers to.

Traffic Violations

Petty traffic offences such as speeding or running a red light do not make it onto someone’s criminal record in all states unless it involved someone getting killed or damaging property or some other more serious result.

Sex Offender listings

For sexual offences it is now normal for the convicted person to be ordered to sign the sex offender register and to keep it informed of their current address. Since the late 1990′s sex offender registers have been maintained in most states in addition to a national register administered by the FBI. If a person is listed on this register then it will show on a criminal records lookup.

Parole and Probation violations

If a prisoner is released on parole, before they have served their full sentence they can be sent back to prison if they do not stick to all of the strict conditions that the parole imposes on them. Someone can be given probation as an alternative to sending them to prison. Again it comes with strict conditions and if the offender breaks any of these then they can be sent to prison. Parole and Probation are very different but violating the conditions of either can result in prison time.

Arrest Records

Arrest records are available for some states and show the date of arrest, what the offense was and what type of offence it is. You might also find other information such as conviction dates, fine amounts, photos etc.

Conviction Record

If the person has been convicted of any offense of any type then this information should be included on their record. There may also be entries resulting from someone being judged delinquent, being dishonorably discharged, placed on probation, fined, imprisoned or paroled by any law enforcement or military authority.

Inmate Records

Information is drawn from U.S. Federal and State prisons and reports may include probation and parole records. You may find a description of the offence, time served, sex, age, release date etc.

So now that you know what all the different types of offences that show on a report are about go and look up criminal records now. It’s easy, fast and affordable.

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Convict Search Engines | No Dating Without Checking

Always check your dates

It doesn’t matter who you are or how old you are, you still need to be very careful when you date someone. I’ve just been reading an article about a mature lady who paid a dating agency a lot of money to find and vet a suitable partner for her only to find that the man they fixed her up with had a string of convictions to his name.

Now you might have expected that the dating agency would have made reasonable efforts to check whether it’s members have criminal records or not. After all this wasn’t a cheap online dating site, the fees were thousands of dollars and for that I think that price you should expect a thorough service. Apparently this didn’t happen in this case.

Why pay an expensive dating agency?

You may ask yourself why anyone would want to pay so much money to an agency just to find a date. There are plenty of free dating web sites on the Internet that you can use after all. I’m guessing that they do it because they think that the agency will protect them in some way from getting a bad apple. It’s also possible that they think that the more they pay then the more protection they are going to get. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case.

So if you can’t rely on someone else to background check your dates for you then what can you do? I would suggest that wherever possible you take responsibility for checking people out yourself. There is no harm in employing an agency who should be doing this for you of course but even if you do then do make sure that you do some simple online checks yourself. This way you can be sure that you have done everything that you can to make sure that you stay safe.

Background check your date

Before you ever do anything serious with a new friend, no matter how you met them, check them out online. There are some very well established background checking web sites on the Internet that you can use very cheaply. Not only do they work like convict search engines to show you previous convictions and arrest warrants that your date might have but they can also tell you a lot more about your friend too. Possibly more than you could ever expect from a dating agency or web site.

When I first started using background checking web sites to investigate people I wanted to know the big stuff like has he got any convictions or warrants out for him? Sometimes I was interested to know whether someone had been made bankrupt or not. A pretty important point when you are considering the possibility of spending the rest of your life with someone.

Investigating people can be fun

I hadn’t been investigating people online for very long before I realized that there was so much more information that you can potentially find out about someone by using these web sites. You can check their address and phone number for a start. You can then go on to check if there are any marriage or divorce records. Did he tell you that he wasn’t married? Now you might be able to catch him out.

When you have done all that you can even find information about relatives and neighbors. It’s a whole lot of fun and can be very addictive once you get started.

Online investigations web sites gather together as much publicly available information that they can find into one enormous database. They can never be completely accurate or 100% complete of course but new records are added all the time and if you find something in there that gives you reason for concern then you should challenge your friend with it. It is always better to be safe than sorry so remember, make sure that your friend isn’t hiding his past from you. No dating without background checking first.

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How Long Does An Arrest Warrant Last For? Does It Ever Expire?

An arrest warrant will catch you sooner or later

If you think that the long arm of the law can stretch no more and that outstanding arrest warrant had expired because it was issued years ago then you should think again. It could have been in another state long ago but it’s still there. The police haven’t arrested you yet but don’t think for a minute that the warrant has been dropped. How long does an arrest warrant last for? – A very long time if you don’t deal with it.

Arrest warrants last until you die

Your warrants will not expire. They don’t have a time limit on them. A warrant for your arrest remains active until you either get arrested or you go and turn yourself in. It’s very simple and if you haven’t yet been arrested then you have just been lucky. Give it some more time and sooner or later it is sure to catch you out.

If your warrant is for a serious crime or felony then you should be expecting the police to be actively looking for you and you are highly likely to be caught quickly unless you are hiding out. If you have a warrant for a minor offence or misdemeanor like you might get when you fail to attend court or you don’t pay a fine then it’s unlikely that anyone will be actively chasing you. The police have better things to do.

A warrant will not disappear unless you make it go away

If you have a warrant for some minor offence that happened years ago and you have not yet been arrested, don’t start believing that you won’t be arrested at some time in the future. A warrant lasts forever unless you turn yourself in or you die or you get arrested. Warrants do not go away by themselves.

When you are stopped on the road for any reason the police officers will often take the opportunity to run a check on you to find out if you have any outstanding warrants that they can arrest you on. They can do the check right from the computer in their vehicle. It’s easy for them and if they find something then they can arrest you and then notch up a few more arrest points on their career record. It’s easy pickings for them.

Police officers are measured by how many arrests they make so they have a big incentive to find something that they can arrest you for. If you have an active warrant then you are an easy target.

Make your arrest warrants go away by dealing with them

You are very likely reading this article because you either know that there is a warrant for arrest for you or you think that there might be. You should be concerned enough to do something about it before your luck finally runs out and you get arrested.

If the police arrest you then you will be taken to jail and released only after you bail has been set. It starts to get expensive at this point so you should make every effort to avoid getting arrested.

A lawyer will guide you and make sure that you hand yourself in the right way. Your lawyer will help you to deal with whatever the warrant is about and hopefully reduce the pain that you have to endure.

What is your warrant about?

Before handing yourself in you want to find out whether you actualy have a warrant or not and what the warrant is for. You can ask for details of the warrant from the courthouse where it was raised. Call them and ask or go there in person. If you don’t know which court issued it then you can consult an online public records web site. Arrest warrants are public records so your’s is likely to be in the online database.

An arrest warrant lasts for ever.

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Active Arrest Warrants – Check For Arrest Warrants?

Check for arrest warrants and stay out of trouble

Think about what could happen if you have an arrest warrant and you ignore it? What if you get stopped for a routine auto check by the cops who are then likely to check for any warrants you might have. If you have a warrant outstanding then you will get arrested right there.

You might not hear anything about your arrest warrant for a very long time. It will depend on how serious the offence was and how badly the police want to arrest people your area. They will come for you eventually and you will find an officer standing on your doorstep early one morning.

Neither of these situations are great. In both situations the police had to track you down to arrested you. Voluntarily turning yourself in to the police avoids getting arrested and it shows that you have taken a responsible attitude towards the warrant. Get a lawyer first and give yourself up the right way.

DO you even know that you have a warrant?

If you know that you’ve done something wrong or forgot to turn up in court, or you’ve offended in some other way then you can guess that you do have an outstanding arrest warrant. But just think, what if you didn’t ever receive that speeding ticket or you didn’t know about the court appearance. Even worse, you might be a victim of identity theft and someone else has committed a crime for you. In this case you will not have any idea that there is a warrant out for you unless you make a point of checking for yourself.

If you find your warrants first then you can avoid getting arrested

Simple things that you can do to check for active arrest warrants

  1. Stick your head in the sand until the police come looking.
  2. Ask a police officer if you have a warrant.
  3. Ask at the courthouse.
  4. Use a public records investigation database.

Stick your head in the sand

You can be like everyone else and just ignore the possibility that you may have warrants and wait for the embarrassing visit from the police followed by spending time in jail.

Ask an police officer if you have a warrant

Asking a cop is one of the surest ways of finding out if you have a warrant. It’s the surest way of getting yourself arrested too. If you have got an outstanding warrant then the officer won’t be able to stop himself arresting you. If you go this route then take an overnight bag with you just in case.

Ask at the courthouse.

If you know where your warrant was issued then asking at the appropriate courthouse is a good way to find your warrants. If you have remembered that you’ve missed a court appearance or have some unpaid fines or something then it shouldn’t be too difficult to find out where the correct records office is located. This can sometimes be a good way to locate your warrants and you are not as likely to get arrested this way either.

Using public records databases to do background searches for arrest warrants

Public records investigative web sites keep massive databases of background information on everyone of us. The information in these databases can all be found elsewhere but you have to know where to look for it. The best public records web sites have been constructed over many years and are being added to every day. There are literally billions of database records available and waiting for you to access. Arrest warrants are just one of the many information groups that you can access.

You can search for your outstanding arrest warrants with a public records web site in a mere matter of seconds and you can also search in every state not just the one you think the active warrants might be in. Checking for active arrest warrants in a public records web site has to be your first choice to search for what you need to know.

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Find Arrest Records Public And Free Then Don’t Worry So Much

You’ve just hooked up with someone new and exiting, or you’ve just discovered that your son or your daughter is going to get married to someone who is a complete stranger to you. Possibly you intend to hire someone to look after your children for you, or you have a brand new tenant about to move into a property that you own. These individuals all look great on the face of it, but you can never know for sure what monsters lie under the surface unless you look closely. It’s time that you checked out arrest records, public and free information that is accessible to you.

Being aware if this new someone in your life is doing well is valuable. Miserable as it might be, there are those who may have been in front of a judge or magistrate too often for your liking and that might make a big difference to you. You might think that it’s not feasible to get background information on others. It is, and it’s not difficult either. You can find out about virtually anyone’s arrest records – and they can investigate and find out if you have an arrest record, too – for free. Click here to check warrants for arrest

An arrest record is commonly public unless the court has sealed the record. This is not normal. In most cases, if someone has been arrested for an offence, whether it’s a serious felony or a misdemeanor, the record of that arrest is open for you and everyone else to view.

If you know where to look for free public arrest records, they can turn out to be an enormous help when you’re attempting to make weighty personal and business decisions. Arrest records public and free can be obtained from many different sources and so can criminal records and a huge amount of other information.

A police officer or your neighborhood police department can provide you with arrest records on yourself if you ask them, and so can your county and state police organizations, as well as other law enforcement agencies. Each law enforcement agency will have a different method for you to search out arrest records, but because these records are public, you do have access to them. If the peace officer does find active warrants for you then they can lawfully arrest you where you stand so go careful with this method. Don’t give the police officer probable cause that you could be involved in a misdemeanor or felony either because they might decide to arrest you anyway, warrant or not.

Another useful place to look for free public arrest records is by using services that specialize in providing this kind of information to you. You can retrieve arrest reports, sex offender reports, court records, employment and property ownership records, do comprehensive people searches and find many other types of information. You can be your own undercover agent.

A company that specializes in searching for and providing you with this kind of information will use computer and Internet technology to explore huge databases that can include information on almost anyone you want to know about. You only need to supply a little basic information and search can begin. Access free public records and background checks

Because the world is becoming more connected every day, individuals are far more mobile than they used to be and nearly all of the information about arrest records, court records and more is at our fingertips on the internet, there is no reason that you should put off looking for outstanding arrest records public and free on anyone that you need to know more about.

Find arrest warrants now

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Search Free Arrest Warrants | How to Find Out if You Have a Warrant

Is it possible to do a free arrest warrant check?

Most if not all active and spent arrest warrants are published somewhere. Many but not all warrants can be found online if you know exactly where to look but there may still be some that can only be accessed offline by applying to the relevant court records office. Generally speaking it is possible for you to find your warrants for free if you are willing to spend time or money or take on a little risk. Below, I’m going to talk about how you can find important information about people or yourself and do it safely.

The most obvious way to find an arrest warrant for free is to ask a police officer. Law enforcement officers are able to do a nationwide search for any warrants that you might have so it sounds like a good idea. You might have a problem using this free method if you want to know if someone else has a warrant though. You could also find yourself arrested on the spot if the officer discovers a warrant on you. This is not a free arrest warrant search method that I would recommend.

There are many many courthouses in the country and if you have no idea where your warrant might be then you don’t stand much chance of ending up in the right place to make the right enquiries. You might encounter this problem when you are looking for arrest warrants and other background information for someone else. Maybe an employee or client. Don’t be afraid to use the court records office if you happen to know the location of the warrant though. It’s a relatively painless process.

Can you do a national free warrant check

The problem with visiting all the records offices in all the areas where you might have a warrant is that you could spend months doing it and there’s no way that you would ever be able to do it more than once. With the time you spend and the travelling costs it wouldn’t exactly be free either. If you don’t know where the warrant is then you might have to visit every one in the country. It’s a free check for arrest warrants but it’s not a very practical method.

Consider paying just a small amount for national access to arrest warrants

What if you could just go online and find all the active arrest warrants, criminal records, court records and other background information, from all over the country? Sounds a fantasy doesn’t it and just a few years ago it would have been. The birth of the Internet has changed all that. Some companies have realized that there are a lot of people very interested in finding out public information like arrest warrants and doing background checks on themselves or on other people. To satisfy this mass market they have built up huge databases and web sites stuffed full of all the information you could hope to find on just about anyone.

Of course they have to make a charge to pay for the work required to assimilate billions of public records but it’s a relatively small charge and well worth it. The best specialist background check web sites have been collecting data for years and are constantly updating it from numerous sources both online and offline. Using this data you can perform searches for active arrest warrants and background checks on almost anyone you want.

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Absolutely Free Background Checks | How To Have Fun Doing Background Checks On People

Public records web site offers unlimited background and arrest records checks

When you sign up for a public records membership web site offering unlimited absolutely free background checks for members you can have a lot of fun finding free information on people. I’ve just tried it. I just wanted to find an old friend but I’ve managed to get an amazing amount of information on a lot of other people including friends, neighbors, hired help and some of my dates too. I’m having great fun and I think that you should try it.

Most of the web sites that allow you to search free public records charge you for each and every search that you perform. When I went looking for my old friend that I hadn’t seen in years I knew that I was most likely going to have to do a lot of searches before I found him. He has a common name and I wasn’t sure which state he’s living in. I knew that a nationwide search would give me a lot of people to choose from so I was probably going to get it wrong a few times.

How to avoid mounting costs when investigating people

You could go to one of the many web sites that offer background checks for a one time payment but most, if not all of these sites require you to pay for each search that you do. This might be ok if you know what you are looking for and find it fast. But the real fun starts when you start looking up relatives and neighbors and their relatives and neighbors. You will probably want to do criminal records and arrest warrants searches on them too not to mention all the other public records searches you can potentially do. If you have to pay for each and every useful search you do then it’s no fun at all.

Joining a site offering free background searches can be very cost effective

The best way to have fun with information on the Internet is to join a public records membership site that offers unlimited free public records searches. I found one that is very affordable and it turned out to be great value for money. Using this web site you can do as much investigating on as many people as you want and you can do it whenever you want to. It’s like having your own free person finder and public records database at your command any time you want.

How to find old friends

I found an investigations web site that offers unlimited absolutely free background checks and other free searches, such as arrest records, to it’s members. All you pay is a small monthly subscription and you can do as many free people information searches as you want to. It’s perfect for my needs and I intend to keep my membership for a long time. It makes it so much fun to do background checks on people I wouldn’t want to be without it now.

The first thing I did was enter the name of my old friend into the people finder and background search utilities. As I suspected, I had to do more than one search before I found the right person. I found that using the correct name helps too. I had no luck with first name of Joe but Joseph worked a lot better. By examining the listings of several possible people I eventually found my man. In fact I found out a lot about him including an address, names of relatives and neighbors, a link to a google map and a telephone number. It was the telephone number that gave me the final confirmation because I was able to give him a call and talk to him.

You don’t have to stop if all your background searches are free

I did a lot of searches but it didn’t take long and it was great that I actually was able to find my friend. I hadn’t seen him for years. But that’s not all I found – I decided to look up some of his relatives that I remembered him talking about and even his neighbors who were listed in the background check. I bet I know more about his neighbors than he does now.

I didn’t stop there though and you don’t have to either. You can look up other people that you’ve lost touch with. Check out your neighbors and your latest date. I looked up lots of people and I was hooked. I must have done a hundred free background searches and it didn’t cost me any extra money.

Now you can make a point of checking out every one of your dates before you go out with them. Do background checks on anyone that you hire to work on your house or look after your children or anyone that moves into your neighborhood.

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Check Warrants For Arrest Do Not Give Up Your DNA

There seems to be a growing culture amongst law enforcement agencies to collect DNA from everyone that they can. This is being made possible in more and more areas by laws which allow DNA to be taken and stored from anyone who gets arrested. If you think that you might have an active arrest warrant somewhere then you would be wise to check and if you have one get it dealt with as soon as you can. If you don’t get arrested then you won’t be forced to donate your DNA.

“Why is this such a big deal?” I hear you ask. Isn’t it a good thing that DNA information is available to the police so that they can identify more suspects in crimes? On the face of it you would be right. Using DNA matching techniques investigators are able to eliminate suspects where the DNA does not match. They can also search the ever growing database of DNA samples to find suspects that would otherwise go undetected even when decades have passed since the crime was committed.

When used responsibly by professional investigators, DNA matching can be a very powerful ally to law enforcement but can you trust this kind of technological power to the people who run our justice systems? A recent case in the UK would suggest that you can not. A man was convicted for a rape 16 years before when the only real evidence presented was a DNA match. While the DNA made the defendant a suspect it certainly did not prove guilt and yet the jury saw fit to convict.

So my advice is to go out of your way to avoid getting yourself arrested. One way to help you do this and keep your DNA to yourself is to regularly check your warrants for arrest and deal with them before the police get around to acting on it.

Find warrants for arrest now

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How To Find An Arrest Warrant | A Warrant Is No Joke

Arrest warrants – Did you know you can find warrants?

Discovering that you have arrest warrants that you didn’t know you had might be funny if it wasn’t such a serious thing to have happen to you. In fact if you ignore a warrant it can potentially be very damaging to you, your bank balance and your reputation. In the worst case you might even end up in jail. It’s in your interest to make sure that you’ve dealt with any outstanding arrest warrant but you must discover that you have a warrant first.

There is a very easy way to check for active arrest warrants that you can use on a regular basis and stay one step ahead of the law. Believe me it’s much better to hand yourself in voluntarily on a warrant than have the cops come and arrest you.

Arrest warrants – What are they?

You may not know this but there is at least 2 different types of warrant for arrest. An arrest warrant generated by the police is the one most people know about. A court can also issue what is known as a Bench warrant. To find out more about warrant types see this article What Is An Arrest Warrant?

Identity theft – Are you a victim?

Identity theft is on the rise. It’s in the news all the time and it’s likely to get worse into the future. It’s a frightening experience to suddenly discover that your credit cards are at the limit and your bank accounts pillaged but it could be even worse than that. If the thief commits a crime while using your identity then you could get an arrest warrant without having done a thing wrong. It could be issued for you anywhere, not just in the area you live in too. Sadly the only thing you can do, apart from being careful with your personal details, is to regularly check for active arrest warrants and deal with any that come up as soon as possible.

Checking for arrest warrants for free

An easy and efficient way to check for arrest warrants is to utilize an online public records database. If you want to avoid paying the fee for this service then there are others ways it can be done. They are nowhere as easy however.

You can actually do background checks that are surprisingly comprehensive by using public records investigations web sites. They cntain billions of records and they get bigger every day.

Ways of checking warrants for arrest

Using a specialist public records web site isn’t the only way that you can look for arrest warrants. Commercial web sites are so cheap, fast and easy to use I can’t imagine using anything else but here are a few methods you might try.

This one works but it might cause you a heartache in the long run. You just wait to see if the cops come and arrest you. If you do this then dealing with it might not be so easy as it would be if you had discovered the warrant before they arrested you.

If you enquire about your warrants at the courthouse where they were issued then you should be able to find the details. This will probably not work if the warrant was raised in a different area which might be the case if you are the unfortunate victim of criminal identity theft.

Asking an officer of the law to search for any arrest warrants for you might be one of the most reliable ways to find any warrants but you have to be prepared to be arrested on the spot if any are found. It’s a police officer’s job to arrest anyone with an outstanding warrant so if he finds that you have one then he may well arrest you.

The Internet is a wonderful invention. It enables you to research just about any topic that you can think of and that includes people. There are web sites that gather information from all corners and put it all on web sites just waiting for you to come and make use of it.

How To Find An Arrest Warrant
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Warrant For Arrest Search | How Do I Search For Warrants

Who wants to do a warrant for arrest search?

Do you think that the world might be a better place to live in if you were able to do a warrant for arrest search on anyone and everyone you wanted to? Do you think that you would be careful if you knew that someone you deal with has an arrest record? If everyone could access arrest records do you think that some criminals would think twice about offending and getting arrested? Well it is now possible to find arrest warrants, arrest records and criminal records very easily.

If you are dating someone or you are about to offer them a job of some sort then you might want to know about any arrest warrants that they might have.

If you are about to give someone access to your home to do some work or just on a social invitation then it might be a good idea to find out if they have a criminal record first.

If you are about to entrust the care of your children to someone then you should try to find out everything that you can about the person before you leave your kids with them. You can do a much more comprehensive background check on them than you can by just looking them up in the sex offender register too

Look up your own warrant for arrest

Don’t forget to check yourself out regularly for arrest warrants too. You never know when you might pick one up and it could be for something that you know nothing about. Getting yourself a lawyer, handing yourself in and dealing with a warrant as quickly as possible is always better than getting arrested by surprise and thrown behind bars.

Warrant for arrest search on friends and neighbors

Do you know who your friends are? I mean, how well do you know them really? You probably only know what they have told you about themselves. After all, why would they tell you about their criminal records and arrest warrants? They might be wanted by the police right now.

Arrest warrants are not convictions

When you are doing a warrant for arrest search on someone you should bear in mind that lots of innocent people get warrants and it doesn’t necessarily mean that they have done anything wrong.

Arrest warrants don’t always lead to convictions but they do stay on the record for you to find. If you do find that someone has an arrest record then you should try to find out more about them before you make your judgement.

You can find out more about a person by checking their criminal history, bankruptcy records, their address and general background information. You want to know if they are really who they say that they are don’t you?

You might be interested in their credit rating too if there could be money involved in your association with the person.

Warrant for arrest search online

Most law enforcement departments now publish active arrest warrants and arrest records online which makes it very easy for you to check someone out if you know which area they might have warrants in.

If you want to do a wider search then you can use an inexpensive public records online database. Arrest records are public records and they are collected by public records web sites to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for.

Web sites like this collect all sorts of public records, not just warrants, You can search criminal records, court records, bankruptcies, addresses, neighbors and all kind of things.

There is no reason why you should not do a warrant for arrest search or a background check on everyone you know because it is so quick, easy and cheap to do.

Warrant For Arrest Search – How Do I Search For Warrants
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